Steyr AUG A3 LMG Muzzle Brake


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The Steyr AUG LMG compensator has been specifically developed for the lightweight MG version of the AUG. It has a very strong compensation effect, which pushes down the barrel (this can be observed in our video). This feature, when used as an LMG, was specifically designed to “push the weapon” into the bipod, in order to be able to shoot accurate bursts. This effect against recoil is of course also desired in sports shooting with the AUG-Z version. The compensator consists of a main chamber with an impact surface and two nozzles directed obliquely upwards and a small subsidiary chamber, the impact surface of which mainly consists of the two further nozzles arranged obliquely upwards. Parallel to the main channel, three further small nozzles direct the gases directly forward. The LMG compensator is 4 g lighter and 7 mm shorter than the A3 compensator. It is fitted with the included lock nut.


  • Remove the existing compensator (heat it if it is glued).
  • Clean the threads.
  • Fit the locknut.
  • Fit and align the LMG compensator (we recommend using a high-strength thread locker!).
  • Fix the LMG compensator with the lock nut and allow it to dry (depending on the instructions).
  • We recommend that you leave the assembly to a licensed gunsmith!

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 43 mm (without locknut)
  • Weight: 62 g (without locknut)
  • Thread: 13/1 left (original AUG barrel)
  • Made from gas nitrified and oxidized steel


Coming soon

ETS (Enhanced Trigger System) currently being developed.