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The Corvus Defensio A2/USR receiver rail provides a sturdy and continuous mounting solution for attaching optical and optronic sighting devices, open sights, laser markers, and other accessories. The receiver rail features 23 Picatinny slots (compared to the original A2 rail, which only has 16 slots). On the rear end, the rail has an interface for direct mounting of Trijicon ACOG scopes, allowing them to be attached without any intermediate mounting. This reduces the mounting height and, consequently, the offset of any red dot sights used on the scope. Behind the charging handle, on both sides of the rail, there are QD sling swivel mounts. These allow the attachment of slings in a more convenient position for weapon handling. This prevents the sling from interfering with the gas system (potentially causing damage) or getting caught on the charging handle when it needs to be operated. The rail is designed to be mounted on the A2 stock, even with the presence of reinforcement bumps on its top. It can be installed either in place of the original slide-on rail or the original optic mount.



  • Long and continuous Picatinny rail for mounting various accessories (optics, optronics, magnifiers, backup sights, electronic devices, lasers, etc.).
  • The rear end of the rail extends almost to the ejection port, allowing the use of optics with very short eye relief.
  • Machined mounting groove for direct attachment of Trijicon ACOG scopes (or other parts with M16 carry handle interface), resulting in a lower overall mounting height when using red dot sights (reduced offset). Thus lower overall mounting height when using piggyback red dot sights (lower offset).
  • Integrated attachment point for slings (QD sling swivel, carabiner hook, or paracord).
  • Maximum sight line of approximately 23 cm when using open sights.
  • Made of hard-anodized 7075 aluminum.
  • Length: 260 mm
  • Weight: 147 g


  • Separate the receiver from the stock.
  • The barrel does not need to be removed when changing the rail (the rail is screwed from the top).
  • Loosen the upper mounting screw that secures the original Picatinny rail to the housing. If necessary, use a heat gun to warm the area around the screw to weaken the threadlocker. If necessary, heat the area around the screw with a heat gun so that the screw adhesive loses its strength.
  • Press the detent pin with a screwdriver (or another pointed object) and remove the original Picatinny rail.
  • Slide on the Corvus Defensio housing rail, engage the detent pin, and tighten the rail using the original screw. However, it is recommended to use the provided screw instead. The screw should be secured with threadlocker. The original screw can still be used. However, it is recommended to prefer the supplied screw. The screw should be fixed with threadlocker!

This product works only with the A2/USR version of the Steyr AUG!

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