Corvus Defensio A3 Receiver Rail MOI 30 Slots


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The Corvus Defensio A3 Receiver Rail MOI 30 Slots was especially developed to the demands of the Austrian Police. In general, it is very similar to our other receiver rails with the difference that it does not offer the interface-slot for Trijicon ACOGs. The rail has 30 Picatinny slots and is a bit shorter than our standard 35 slot rail. This is due to the shorter barrel length of the new Austrian Police AUG (380 mm). The front of the rail is canted and accommodates 3 QD-Sling-Swivel Mounts (front, left and right).

Long while light Picatinny Rail with 30 slots for mounting various accessories (optics, magnifiers, BUIS, electronic attachments, lasers, etc.).
•    The rear end of the rail extends almost to the ejection port allowing the use of very short eye-relief optics.
•   5 Integral limited rotation QD Sling swivel attachment points (also suitable for snap hooks, paracord, etc.).
•    Maximum sight radius of approximately 310 mm (12.2”) when using iron sights.
•    Made of hard anodized 7075 aluminum.
•    Length: 331 mm (13”)
•    Weight: 181 gm (6.4 oz)

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ETS (Enhanced Trigger System) currently being developed.