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The Corvus Defensio Anti-Rotation Stock Cap Retainer Bolt Kit solves two problems that often occur when using the AUG professionally.  Because the original stock cap retainer bolt can be rotated around its axis, the sling can become twisted after repeated slinging and unslinging of the rifle.  This creates unpleasant pressure points on the shoulder and quick adjustable slings might also lose that function.  While the Corvus Defensio Anti-Rotation feature completely prevents twisting of the sling, the QD function allows for fast sling detachment, e.g. for disassembly and cleaning of the rifle.
NOTE: Twisting of the sling will only be prevented if the front sling mount has limited rotation as well.  This is achievable by mounting the front sling swivel to the limited rotation QD mounting point built into the Corvus Defensio A3 Receiver Rail 35 Slot.


•    Replaces the original AUG retaining bolt.
•    Usable with or without the anti-rotation feature.
•    Accepts Quick Detach Sling Mounts (2 different positions, cannot be rotated).
•    Steel retaining bolt.
•    Anti-Rotation device is made of hard anodized 7075 aluminum.
•    Retaining bolt: Length: 65,5mm (2.58”) Diameter: 14mm (0.55”)
•    Weight: 26 gm (0.92 oz)
•    Anti-Rotation device:  Length: 16 mm (0.63”) Width: 15mm (0.59”) Height: 21mm (0.83”)
•    Weight: 7 gm (0.25 oz)


•    Remove original retaining bolt.
•    Remove stock cap.
•    Remove trigger group.
•    Insert the Anti-Rotation device in the rear of the trigger group with the flat side to the rear.  It is a friction fit and doesn’t need to be glued in place.
•    Reinstall the trigger group in the stock.
•    Reinstall the stock cap.
•    Insert the QD-retaining bolt from either the right or left side.
•    If you wish to remove the anti-rotation device at a later date, you should use a pair of needle nose pliers.

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ETS (Enhanced Trigger System) currently being developed.