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The Corvus Defensio Case Deflector ejects cases forward or to the side and thus makes it ideal to shoot in every combat stance, from either shoulder, without any additional modifications or adaptations. The rifle can be used by a right or left handed shooter without installing a different bolt and changing the ejection port cover. Installation requires no drilling or modification to the stock as the two piece Case Deflector is simply plugged into the ejection port and tightened with two screws.  Because it is made of hard anodized 7075 aluminum, the plastic stock is also protected against damage when an empty case is not completely ejected. We like to point out that the ejector spring of the bolt head has to be intact for the case deflector to work properly. Weak or damaged ejector springs can cause frequent jams. The use of a case deflector can possibly increase this. A possible indicator of a weak ejector spring is the permanent forward ejection of cases, even without using a case deflector.


•    Mounts directly to the ejection port.
•    Fits the Steyr AUG (except 9 mm version and NATO-Stock) and the MSAR STG-556.
•    Deflects ejected cases forward or to the side, away from the shooter’s face.
•    Allows weak hand or cross-shoulder stances.
•    Made of hard anodized 7075 aluminum.
•    Length: 31mm (1.22”)  Width: 24mm (0.94”)  Height: 22,5mm (0.89”)
•    Weight: 30 gm (1.06 oz)


•    Unscrew the Corvus Defensio Case Deflector screws half way, using a T-8 TORX driver.
•    Put the two parts of the Case Deflector together.
•    Place the Case Deflector in the ejection port with the wedge shaped piece at the rear.
•    Insert and alternately tighten the two screws until the Case Deflector sits firmly in the ejection port.
•    Be careful not to over-tighten the screws to avoid bending the frame or stripping the threads.

When inserting the receiver with the bolt carrier into the stock, care must be taken that this is done carefully. The front receiving hook of the case deflector could be damaged. The receiving hook is not touched during the shot delivery itself.

Note:  It is recommended to apply thread locker to the screws before the final assembly since otherwise, they could loosen during use!

The Corvus Defensio Case Deflector is designed for right hand ejection ports only and will not work with any of the 9mm versions! It will also not work with the NATO stock!

For detailed instructions with pictures click here.

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