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The Corvus Defensio A3/M1/SE/SF “Extended” receiver rail provides a solid and continuous mounting solution for attaching optical and optronical sights, open sights, laser markers, a special hand guard system and other accessories. This rail is designed to bypass the obstructive hump on the receiver and therefore can still be extended over the front of the barrel. The rail has 37 “Picatinny Slots”. On the shooter side it also has an interface for direct mounting of Trijicon ACOG scopes. These can thus be screwed on directly without intermediate mounting. This reduces the mounting height and consequently the offset of any piggyback red dot sights used on the scope. In the area behind the charging handle, a QD sling swivel mount is attached to the rail on both the left and right. This allows slings to be mounted in an area more convenient for handling the rifle. This prevents the sling from either hanging over the gas port (and thus being destroyed sooner or later) or getting caught on the charging handle when it is in use. The rail is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on the top of military AUG stocks despite the “reinforcement hump”. It is mounted either in place of the original M1 rail or in place of the original optics carrier. In the front area (above the barrel), the rail has a total of 5 MLOK interfaces (2 left, 3 right). Accessories such as weapon lights or Picatinny rails can be mounted directly on these. A matching hand guard is also available, which is mounted on the MLOK interfaces and allows the barrel to swing freely.


  • Long and continuous Picatinny rail for mounting various accessories (optics, optronics, magnifiers, backup sights, electronic devices, lasers, etc.).
  • Compatible with the new MLOK handguard.
  • The rear end of the rail extends almost to the ejection port, allowing the use of optics with very short eye relief.
  • Machined mounting groove for direct attachment of Trijicon ACOG scopes (or other parts with M16 carry handle interface), resulting in a lower overall mounting height when using red dot sights (reduced offset). Thus lower overall mounting height when using piggyback red dot sights (lower offset).
  • Integrated attachment point for slings (QD sling swivel, carabiner hook, or paracord).
  • 5 integrated MLOK interfaces.
  • Maximum sight line of approximately 38 cm/15″ when using open sights.
  • 37 picatinny slots
  • Made of hard-anodized 7075 aluminum.
  • Length: 380 mm/15″
  • Weight: 220 g/7,75 oz


•    Separate receiver from stock.
•    Remove Barrel.
•    Heat the three screws of the original Picatinny rail mount with a heat gun to release the factory thread locker.
•    Remove the original Picatinny rail.
•    Attach the Corvus Defensio rail (preferably using the new rail mounting screws that are attached).

Note:  It is recommended to apply thread locker to the screws before the final assembly since otherwise, they could loosen during use!


This product will only work with the M1/SE/SF version of the AUG!


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