Corvus Defensio Keymod Handguard


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For the first time ever, the Corvus Defensio Keymod handguard offers the possibility for AUG A3 owners that the weapon – like AR15 models – can be held around the barrel. This way of grabbing the rifle and holding it with the support hand almost completely extended is currently very popular. As this grip is said to be particularly suitable for quick target changes. The special feature of the Corvus Defensio hand guard is that it allows the barrel to swing completely free and that it retains its fast removal and installation characteristics. This has a positive effect on the precision, because the barrel is subject neither to pressure nor to tension applied via any handle.

Using a – replaceable if necessary – gas pressure protection plate, the Corvus Defensio hand guard can be touched at any point during shooting. The hot gas emerging from the gas cylinder laterally under high pressure does not cause any burns or pressure injuries to the support hand. Due to the special shape, the escaping gases are not directed into the face of the shooter. Due to sufficient distance to the barrel, the hand guard can still be grasped without gloves even after several magazines have been fired (Note: This, of course, has its limits!).

The Corvus Defensio hand guard consists of two half shells and the gas pressure protection plate. It is screwed on as an accessory to the front Keymod mounting holes of the Corvus Defensio 35-slot rail. The original handle, or other rails must be removed. The hand guard offers mounting options for Keymod accessories at 3 o’clock, 4,5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 7,5 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 10,5 o’clock. The Corvus Defensio 15 Slot Picatinny Rail can be mounted at the 6 o’clock position to match the distance and height of mounting the Corvus Defensio Forward Accessory Rail.


  • Wrap around hand protection for the AUG A3 with Keymod mounting options
  • All around safe to touch during shooting
  • Lets the barrel swing freely
  • Barrel can be removed and installed without modification
  • Support hand and face are safely protected by the integrated and replaceable gas pressure protection plate

Only suitable for the AUG A3 in combination with the Corvus Defensio 35 slot Picatinny rail (available individually or as a bundle)

Weight: 270g (9,5 oz)

Material: 7075 Aluminium hard anodized, heat shield made from steel


  • Mount the Corvus Defensio 35 Slot Picatinny Rail to the AUG A3 housing as shown in the assembly instructions
  • Screw on the gas pressure protection plate on the right half of the hand guard viewed in the direction of firing (be sure to use threadlocker!)
  • Screw right and left half of the hand guard with four Keymod hooks into the front area of ​​the Corvus Defensio 35 Slot Picatinny Rail. Again make sure you use at least medium threadlocker!
  • Connect both hand guard halves in the lower area (6 o’clock position) with the screws provided. Again, it is recommended to use medium threadlocker.

Coming soon

ETS (Enhanced Trigger System) currently being developed.