Corvus Defensio M-Lok Forward Accessory Rail


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The Corvus Defensio M-Lok Forward Accessory Rail revolutionizes the Steyr Aug’s mounting options.  Very simply it replaces the original folding front grip and enables the mounting of a variety of accessories directly to the M-Lok interface (e.g. front grips, bipods, etc.).  Direct mounting reduces weight and bulk, but if you want to use common Picatinny mounts, you can attach the Corvus Defensio 17-Slot or 4-Slot M-Lok-Picatinny accessory rail sections to the Corvus Defensio Accessory Rail.


•    Replaces the original folding front grip.
•    Suitable for the Steyr AUG.
•    Suitable for attachment of M-Lok or Picatinny interface accessories.
•    Mounts with two enclosed grub screws.
•    Multi Modular Accessory Platform: 7-Slot Picatinny on top, 2 M-Lok slots on left and right sides, 3 M-Lok slots on the bottom.

•    Made of hard anodized 7075 aluminum.
•    Length: 128 mm (5”)  Width: 14,5 mm (0.57”)  Height: 34,5 mm (1.35”).
•    Extremely low weight of only 61 grams (2.1 oz) due to the skeletal structure.


•    Dismount original front grip.
•    Apply thread locker to the grub screws and tighten until they flush with the rail.
•    Attach the rail to the final mounting position on the barrel and insert the retaining bolt.
•    Alternately tighten the grub screws until the rail is firmly seated.

Note:  When tightening the grub screws, pay attention to the alignment of the rail to the barrel.  It should be parallel.

For detailed instructions with pictures click here.

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