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The Corvus Defensio Enhanced Magazine Release Button makes reloading faster and more reliable. When you go for limit (stress caused by competition or combat, wetness, numb or cold fingers, darkness, etc.) faulty operations with the original magazine release button may happen. Your thumb could slip aside because of the original releases’ outwardly curved form or you even might not be able to push the button far enough inside the housing because your thumb was not right in the center of it an gets caught at the stock. The issue of the original part is that the release of the magazine happens just when the button is already recessed in its port. The design of the Corvus Defensio replacement part prevents those situations reliably, thus ensuring a faster and more reliable magazine change.


•    Mounts instead of the original magazine release button.
•    Suitable for all models and versions of Steyr AUG (A0 to A3) except NATO stock and 9 mm version.
•    For faster and more reliable release of the magazine  when accomplishing reloading drills.
•    Larger contact surface for the thumb.
•    Inwardly curved shape with corrugated surface to prevent slippage of thumb.
•    Protrudes about 5 mm more from the housing than the original magazine holder resulting in greater leverage. Great for individuals with shorter fingers.
•    Wide surface for a better and more reliable accessibility.
•    Tunneled inlet for guiding magazine alignment lug.
•    Made of hard-anodized aluminum 7075.
•    Length: 45 mm (1.77”), Width: 33 mm (1.3”), Height: 28 mm (1.1”)
•    Weight: 19 g (0.67 oz)


•    Remove original release button by opening and knocking out the bolt (bolt can be reused).
•    Insert original spring in the Corvus Defensio Enhanced Release Button and fix it with mounting pin (included).
•    Put the assembled (spring and included mounting pin) Enhanced Magazine Release Button into the AUG stock and knock in the bolt/screw (this motion pushes through the included mounting pin that holds the spring in place).
•    Apply thread locker on the bolt/screw.
•    Do not over-tighten the screw! Otherwise the Magazine Release Button can no longer be moved.
•    The magazine-side surface of the release button can be treated with silicone spray.


For detailed instructions with pictures click here.

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ETS (Enhanced Trigger System) currently being developed.